How to deal with summer insects in Auckland


Which insects can cause problems in Auckland in Summer?


New Zealand has 16 identified species of mosquito. 12 of these are endemic, meaning they are native to New Zealand. These natives seem to prefer birds as their primary food source, although one will bite humans. However, 3 out of the 4 introduced ones seem to prefer people. Their distribution varies and depending one where you live in New Zealand will determine how much of a problem they are for you. In the warmer Northland areas and around Auckland they are a problem, and also on the West Coast of the South Island. If you get bitten, you can blame the female, she needs the blood for her eggs, the males prefer nectar from flowers! Many species are widespread for more detail visit


The easiest way to keep them away from your home is to eliminate all standing water in pots, ponds, gutters etc. where they like to lay their eggs. A yellow external bug light will attract less insects than normal white light. Burning candles or oils especially citronella or geranium will help deter them. Personal mosquito repellents can be worn but it is not advisable to apply chemical to yourself daily. Wearing light coloured, loose clothing will minimise your chances of being targeted.


Flies are pests, they spread diseases and this can be a problem if you have food out uncovered. If they get in to your home and in to your fridge they can be a big problem. Not to mention they are just annoying buzzing around all the time! You can try all sorts of natural remedies to eradicate them e.g. honey or sweet traps, sticky fly paper. A good old fashioned fly swat will get them quickly if you have a good aim, but then you have the resultant squished mess to clean up! Sandflies are tiny and they bite, in some people the bites are particularly troublesome and itchy. They can cause localised swelling similar to an allergic reaction in particularly sensitive people and the risk of infection with scratching is a potential problem.

Wasps and Bees

Both bees and wasps can deliver a nasty sting if they feel threatened. Best to keep them outside the home or trap the same way you do the flies. Bees are essential for plant pollination so it is a good idea to try and help the bee escape your home without spraying it with an insecticide. Some people are allergic to bee stings so keeping them outside your home is the best solution.


Ants are a problem all over New Zealand. They always seem to find a way in to your pantry! Natural remedies include putting a chalk line around windows and doorways. This works well unless it rains. Peppermint oil is a good natural deterrent. You can of course buy insecticides and spray their trails to keep them away. Finding and eradicating the nest may be a solution too. You need to have window treatments in Auckland to prevent ants from entering your home.

What is the most effective natural solution to keep the insects outside?

Good quality, well fitted insect screens will keep all insects out of your home and allow you to open the doors and windows to benefit from the cooling breezes in the heat of the summer. The best way to keep your home free from mosquitoes, flies, bees, wasps and other flying insects is to keep them outside. Install security screens in Auckland for your property.

Peace of Mind Security Screens Auckland can help you choose retractable fly screens for Auckland homes. Visit our website at for examples of the different styles of insect screen for Auckland problem pests. Peace of Mind Security Screens can quote for the installation of insect and fly screens Auckland wide. Don’t delay, get them installed before the warm weather hits and insect populations explode!

Enhancing Your Auckland Home Security


While no one wants to think they’ll be a victim of a crime recent statistics suggest crime in the Auckland region is on the increase. One of the most common crimes in bigger cities is burglary. Although the risk of your home being targeted is moderate, that’s enough to warrant concern, especially for more vulnerable members of the population. To reduce the risk of your home being targeted there are several steps Auckland homeowners can take.

Install and Use Locks on All Access Points

While that may seem like common sense, many homeowners fail to take the necessary precautions to prevent an unauthorised entry. Older locks may still be operational, but security experts recommend updating all locks to newer models offering a higher level of security. Discuss the options with a professional to determine what types of locks are best suited to your specific needs. Once those locks are installed, use them religiously. Windows and doors are vulnerable access points and need the maximum protection possible.

Use Landscaping as a Tool to Prevent Incidents

While larger shrubs around a home may be attractive, they can also serve as hiding places for criminals as they plan or execute property crimes. Crime prevention professionals always suggest limiting the number of potential hiding places in a garden to minimise the potential for crimes.

Install or Update Security Screens

Custom made security screens, unlike some older versions, are carefully designed to prevent unauthorised intrusions while still providing comfort and style. When considering installing security windows in your Auckland home, review all the options with industry experts before determining which solutions would provide the most benefit.

Of course, doors also provide another potential entry point for unauthorised visitors. Crimesafe door screens provide that extra layer of protection that can help prevent a burglary in your home. Not only security mesh screen rugged and built last but their very presence can be enough to put criminals off entering your home because of the extra effort it will take.

Home security should be a significant priority for property owners in the Auckland area. While the odds of being a victim are still relatively low, taking security precautions can further reduce the chances of a home burglary.

With styles to match most houses, Peace of Mind Security Screens can enhance the security of your home without compromising the look and feel of it. For additional information, please feel free to contact the team at to find out more!

Home Renovations That Give You More Bang for Your Buck


When it comes home renovations, you prioritize on both the personal values as well as the return on investment. Especially if you are working on a tight budget, you will want to spend your money wisely and get the biggest bang for your buck.

Among the best renovations are replacing the entry door with a steel one, a deck addition as well as garage door replacement. If you remodel to add something unique like a pool, sauna, home office or a sunroom, you should not expect to make much money when reselling. The following are some of the best renovations that will give more bang for your buck.

• A kitchen remodel

Kitchen and bathrooms are what sells a home. A dated kitchen is not only a turn off but also significantly reduces the value of the home. Fortunately, there are many ways you can make the kitchen inviting without bankrupting yourself. For a budget friendly kitchen remodeling, replace the black appliances with stainless steel. Also consider ditching the laminate countertops in favor of granite. This might be costly but it increases the value of the home significantly.

Also, repaint the cabinetry and add updated hardware such as drawer pulls and new hinges which will transform the look of the room. Choose a style and colors that will appeal to a wide range of homebuyers and make them feel like they have walked into their dream kitchen.

• Adding window shutters and blinds

Blinds and shutters most certainly add the value of a home. They also add a visual appeal and they are versatile enough to fit in any décor from traditional to ultra modern. Also, they are durable and they are easy to maintain.

Window blinds and shutters have a high appeal on home buyers and they will significantly elevate the perceived value of the home.

• Upgrade the bathroom

Most buyers want a modern bathroom with sleek space. A basic upgrade includes replacing the old ceramic tiles with the modern porcelain ones in a neutral shade.

Similar to kitchen remodel, consider the changes that will have a maximum impact yet affordable such as replacing nicked brass faucet with sleek new chrome and hanging luxurious towels near it.

Also, ensure that the colors you choose for the bathroom are appealing and again scrub the bathroom from top to bottom as leftover toothpaste in the sink and yellowed grout can be a major turnoff.

• Select neutral paint colors

Paint is one of the cheapest and easiest way to refresh the house especially if you can do it yourself. Neutral colors helps a buyer to envision himself in the space.

• Make an impact with flooring

Just like paint, quality flooring changes the look and feel of a room. Hardwood is appealing to most buyers as well as high quality laminate options.

Bathrooms and kitchens gain value with laminate flooring which are both easy to clean and visually appealing. Carpeting can also work especially in a bedroom with neutral colors.

• Consider home staging

Staging a home makes a buyer envision living in the space. First clear the entire home of any mess and remove the personal touches such as children artwork or family photos, arrange the furniture in a way that it maximizes the floor space so that the buyer can feel like they are navigating around large spaces as they move around the house.

• Do not forget the exterior

If a buyer does not like what he or she sees after pulling up, they may not even get in the house. To make the outdoors appealing, clear the walkways, repair everything and ensure the landscape is tidy and neat.

Since home renovation is an investment that can significantly boost the value of a home, it is prudent to hire a professional company to get the work done. At Peace of Mind Security screens, we ensure top quality and professional service from the initial stage to the installation of the products. We offer different window treatments such as window blinds in Wellington.We will give you advice on the best solution for you as well as offer free onsite quote and measurements for all products.

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Install Security Screens for Your Property


Security screens are window and door installations with a variety of purposes, from providing privacy and security to light blockage and aesthetic appeal. There are many types of security screens and they come in a range of designs and materials to suit virtually any style and budget. Peace of Mind Security Screens is a New Zealand owned and operated business offering secure, Crimsafe ® screens that are discrete and versatile, making them suitable for any type of home.

Products and Services Offered

Peace of Mind Security Screens offers a wide range of services related to window installations, from design to manufacturing, installation, repair and maintenance. Products we offer include the following:

Security Doors and Screens Wellington

Find a variety of secure and safe doors and screens for the optimum in home security at Peace of Mind Security Screens. Security doors and screens not only serve as barriers that provide privacy and keep out summer insects, they can deter crime as they protect your windows and doors from being broken or forced open. Ensure the safety of your family and your home with these screens and doors that come in various styles and designs and offer high security.

Roller Blinds Wellington

For flexible light control we offer a wide range of options for roller and Venetian blinds that are stylish, unobtrusive, and practical. Vertical blinds are elegantly understated, perfect for those who do not want frills in their windows but want effective privacy and light blocking features. These are perfect for floor-to-ceiling windows and doors and they only require simple installation and maintenance.

Interior Shutters Wellington

Shutters offer both practical functionality and a touch of elegance with options such as Cedar shutters, Phoenixwood shutters for a classic look or even Artwork shutters. We also offer aluminium options for outdoor living spaces which are must-haves in any New Zealand home. They are easily adjustable for blocking or allowing light and they come in customisable panels to fit any window size. We offer bifold or slide shutters that are suitable for any type of setting, from rural residences to modern apartments or beach homes.

Awnings Wellington

Keep your home cool and protected from the sun’s rays with our range of external and folding arm awnings that will also enhance the appeal of your home. Our awnings are designed to deflect light and glare while ensuring that your indoor spaces are well-ventilated with ample natural light coming in. We also offer a variety of motorisation features from the Spring arm standard or the Spring Arm plus for larger windows. Installed sensors automatically adjust the orientation according to light and weather conditions. These awning systems also come with a five year components warranty from Uniline.

Security screens and doors provide privacy and security to any space. And with all the options available for your screens, shutters and doors, finding the right screen for your home is easier to do than ever before. With more than 10 years in the business and a track record of providing quality services and products, Peace of Mind Security Screens is one of the best options for security windows and security doors in the Wellington region. To view the full range of products available from Peace of Mind Security Screens visit our website or contact our expert staff for more advice.