Install Security Screens for Your Property


Security screens are window and door installations with a variety of purposes, from providing privacy and security to light blockage and aesthetic appeal. There are many types of security screens and they come in a range of designs and materials to suit virtually any style and budget. Peace of Mind Security Screens is a New Zealand owned and operated business offering secure, Crimsafe ® screens that are discrete and versatile, making them suitable for any type of home.

Products and Services Offered

Peace of Mind Security Screens offers a wide range of services related to window installations, from design to manufacturing, installation, repair and maintenance. Products we offer include the following:

Security Doors and Screens Wellington

Find a variety of secure and safe doors and screens for the optimum in home security at Peace of Mind Security Screens. Security doors and screens not only serve as barriers that provide privacy and keep out summer insects, they can deter crime as they protect your windows and doors from being broken or forced open. Ensure the safety of your family and your home with these screens and doors that come in various styles and designs and offer high security.

Roller Blinds Wellington

For flexible light control we offer a wide range of options for roller and Venetian blinds that are stylish, unobtrusive, and practical. Vertical blinds are elegantly understated, perfect for those who do not want frills in their windows but want effective privacy and light blocking features. These are perfect for floor-to-ceiling windows and doors and they only require simple installation and maintenance.

Interior Shutters Wellington

Shutters offer both practical functionality and a touch of elegance with options such as Cedar shutters, Phoenixwood shutters for a classic look or even Artwork shutters. We also offer aluminium options for outdoor living spaces which are must-haves in any New Zealand home. They are easily adjustable for blocking or allowing light and they come in customisable panels to fit any window size. We offer bifold or slide shutters that are suitable for any type of setting, from rural residences to modern apartments or beach homes.

Awnings Wellington

Keep your home cool and protected from the sun’s rays with our range of external and folding arm awnings that will also enhance the appeal of your home. Our awnings are designed to deflect light and glare while ensuring that your indoor spaces are well-ventilated with ample natural light coming in. We also offer a variety of motorisation features from the Spring arm standard or the Spring Arm plus for larger windows. Installed sensors automatically adjust the orientation according to light and weather conditions. These awning systems also come with a five year components warranty from Uniline.

Security screens and doors provide privacy and security to any space. And with all the options available for your screens, shutters and doors, finding the right screen for your home is easier to do than ever before. With more than 10 years in the business and a track record of providing quality services and products, Peace of Mind Security Screens is one of the best options for security windows and security doors in the Wellington region. To view the full range of products available from Peace of Mind Security Screens visit our website or contact our expert staff for more advice.


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