Enhancing Your Auckland Home Security


While no one wants to think they’ll be a victim of a crime recent statistics suggest crime in the Auckland region is on the increase. One of the most common crimes in bigger cities is burglary. Although the risk of your home being targeted is moderate, that’s enough to warrant concern, especially for more vulnerable members of the population. To reduce the risk of your home being targeted there are several steps Auckland homeowners can take.

Install and Use Locks on All Access Points

While that may seem like common sense, many homeowners fail to take the necessary precautions to prevent an unauthorised entry. Older locks may still be operational, but security experts recommend updating all locks to newer models offering a higher level of security. Discuss the options with a professional to determine what types of locks are best suited to your specific needs. Once those locks are installed, use them religiously. Windows and doors are vulnerable access points and need the maximum protection possible.

Use Landscaping as a Tool to Prevent Incidents

While larger shrubs around a home may be attractive, they can also serve as hiding places for criminals as they plan or execute property crimes. Crime prevention professionals always suggest limiting the number of potential hiding places in a garden to minimise the potential for crimes.

Install or Update Security Screens

Custom made security screens, unlike some older versions, are carefully designed to prevent unauthorised intrusions while still providing comfort and style. When considering installing security windows in your Auckland home, review all the options with industry experts before determining which solutions would provide the most benefit.

Of course, doors also provide another potential entry point for unauthorised visitors. Crimesafe door screens provide that extra layer of protection that can help prevent a burglary in your home. Not only security mesh screen rugged and built last but their very presence can be enough to put criminals off entering your home because of the extra effort it will take.

Home security should be a significant priority for property owners in the Auckland area. While the odds of being a victim are still relatively low, taking security precautions can further reduce the chances of a home burglary.

With styles to match most houses, Peace of Mind Security Screens can enhance the security of your home without compromising the look and feel of it. For additional information, please feel free to contact the team at www.peaceofmindsecurityscreens.co.nz to find out more!


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